Monday, March 1, 2010

Forever & ever

I decided to finally update on my pretty purchases from Forever 21 on my last shopping trip. I was once again in HEAVEN as I browsed the new, two-story uptopia that has just been added to my local mall. On top of the Forever being new and it being the beginning of the semester so some girls are still experiencing it in all its glory for the first time, the store is always HOT. And when you're carrying 2+ bags of clothes on hangers, like I am, I tend to break into a sweat whilst shopping. I call this my Forever workout. It's new, but it will catch on soon.

Anyway, pretty things...

Free Spirit top $17.80

Bouquet Ruffle Dress $22.90

Crochet Open Cardigan $29.80

Flower Set Sleeveless Top $15.80

I've already worn my cardigan twice since purchase. Can't wait to putz with the rest of these pretties. While at the mall I also picked up (LAST PURCHASE I PROMISE) a new Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. I'm obsessed with this eyeliner, it's the only one I've used since I've been introduced to it more than three years ago, and I'm still in love. The first color I got was the Ivy Shimmer Ink, but now I'm strictly a Black Ink girl.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $21

While I was at the Macy's Bobbi counter, the lady asked me if I wanted a new brush. The brushes used to be about $18 if I remember correctly, which is a lot, but kind of acceptable. However, I was APPAULED to find out the eye liner brush has been upped to $25, more than the eye liner, yes I know. Outrageous. I found a brush at CVS for like $5 that works exactly the same, so I'll keep using that.

Good thing I got my paycheck for my first day of training at work: $8.72. Hey, it offsets something :)

More later! Xo.

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  1. I like to pretend that the sheen of sweat I develope while trekking through Forever XXI is just a "healthy glow" instead. :)