Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pretty things

So once again has sucked me in with their emails promising beautiful free products.. with purchase. And once again, they have sucked me in to spend over $50 so I get free shipping. Did I think I needed make up today? Well no. (I did decide to pick up two more days of babysitting to make up for 2/3 of my purchases today, but still, ugh.) But I did just get a new package of 8 brushes from CVS the other day (necessary again) so I can try and actually be good at make up and do cool things.

Here's what they enticed me with:

How cute right? I ended up buying these two things:

I really am in love with both of these things, but I specifically love any lip gloss package I can get my hold on that has Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss in it. OB-SESSED.

But I'll end my pretty things post with this beautiful piece that I am DYING for. I saw this advertised on a while ago and died a little inside when I saw the price on $54 But....It's. So. Beautiful. And Alice in Wonderland! What could be better? I entered a contest on Youtube for it. GOOD LUCK TO ME so I can have pretty eyes for months :) :)

Ta Ta for now! xo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh la la

Just wanted to take a quick sec to go over some Karmaloop things I have been obsessing over for the past few weeks. These items have been sitting on my favorites list waiting patiently until I get the guts/money to buy them. Since I've been home for winter, I have shopped...a lot. And immediately on my car ride home from these spontaneous shopping trips, shopper's remorse sets in. Granted the majority of my purchases are made at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, etc. but still, when I find lots of deals, it's pointless that I'm shopping at a discount store. I've bought five pairs of shoes this month. What goes on in my mind? Making money is bad for me.

Anyway, here are my beautiful lustworthy obsessions from Karmaloop :) Should I get any?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I put some girl in the hospital and she ended up dyin"

I will start off my funny things blog with my favorite all time video. It's been viewed 190,899 times, and I am most likely responsible for the bulk of those views. So, without further ado, in the spirit of the Jersey Shore and everything amazing about being from the Dirty Jerz, I give you: Highlights from Wildwood '94

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Human Nature

Hellllo Hello out there blog world. I'm Emily. And think it's about time I started a blog. I've decided my recent obsession with all things involving online shopping may present me with a plethora of lustworthy material to share. I'm also in love with Youtube, so expect some funny posts as well :)

Bye for now! Xo