Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping cart obsessions

Hello all,

So I took my car to the Auto Shop and got the quote yesterday, $1477.73. Yes. That is real life. So I am paying $500 and luckily my parents are paying the rest. This debt, however, will put quite the damper on my summer shopping. I am dying to make it out to Marshalls and TJ Maxx due to my friend Carly's recent splurge on about 500 shirts for like $100. But I can't, since I have no vehicle, which is a constant reminder that I owe my parents $500 and need to save!!!

I'm sure I would have satisfied my craving for Marshalls/TJ Maxx had they had an online shop. BECAUSE, my recent obsession, is a little silly. I should explain the sites I'm doing this for, they're cosmetic stores in the UK. Barry M and Eyeko are some of my favorites, the makeup is SO cute and new. So, my strategy, has been selecting an obscure amount of products, adding them to my shopping cart, pressing "Check out" and leaving it up on my screen to pretend I somehow have checked out and the products will be arriving at my front door soon. This is even more relevant because all of their prices are in pounds, so I don't even know the conversions anyway.

Anyway, I signed up to be an Eyeko Ambassador. So buy some things from their site, and give me commission. Just put in my code for a free gift!

Thanks :) xox

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