Saturday, February 27, 2010

I got a Crush on Lush

Hello bloggies. This is gonna be a long one.

Good news for my blog and my life in general: I got a job. While I'm just in training so far, I will be working behind the counter for a speciality retail store on campus. I'm so excited to start working because I think the job will be WAY fun, and, I love making money :)

This recent aquisition of employment is partially the reason for what will be shown below. The other partial reason has to do with me looking in my closet for cute clothing to wear "going out" and finding a lack of it. I have not shopped since way before I came back to school, and I think I deserved a little pick me up. I also have been introducing myself to lately, and about a month ago I RSVPed me (and a +1, I felt so cool doing that) to the "Mardi Gras" event at my local Lush. I was not really sure what an RSVP entailed, and I've yet to be to an event in a Lush store, so this morning when my Big Sister in my sorority and I decided to bop to the mall, I was excited :)

Turns out an RSVP entails a free shower gel for just coming in. Here she is, and she smells BEAUTIFUL:

Happy Hippy $9.25

In honor of the event, the store was giving two promotions: spend $35 and get some free things, spend $50 and get more free things. I think you can figure out what promo I decided on :)

My regular purchases were as follows:

The Godmother Soap $8.64
Tip with the soaps! They'll cut you a big chunk, ask for it to be cut into baby slices so you don't have to put your whole chunk in the shower for it to get all wet.

Too Drunk...Emotibomb $3.95
I have been wanting to try this for E-V-E-R. It's supossed to reduce hangover effects the morning after. Can't wait to try it :)

Up You Gets Emotibomb $3.95
Similar to above, just plop it in the shower and it freshens up your day. Smells SO YUM.

Helping Hands $12.75
Basically the reason why I adore Lush like I do. I got Helping Hands as a gift last summer, and it has been a miracle worker on my dry hands in the winter months. I'm almost out of my first tub, so another one was necessary.

B Electro $16.95
YUMMIEST SMELL EVER. I can't wait to use this.

Cupcake Face Mask $5.95
I used this tonight, and I died. This is my favorite purchase. It's a face mask for 5-10 minutes which smells like chocolate (You even have to keep it in the fridge, I almost tried to eat it) and is designed for "oily and teenage skin." How ideal. I'm IN LOVE.

SO. With all of my purchases coming to just over $50, I recieved the following TO DIE FOR products FOR FREE!!!!!

Sugar Scrub $4.95
I tried this tonight in the shower, and in my haste to try all my stuff, I brought the whole bar in with me. It immediately melted so I tried to save it, pretty unsuccessfully, and it's in a plastic bag now. Learn from my wrongs: cut off a piece before taking it into the shower.

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly $6.50
Not quite sure how this is gonna work, but it's fun to play with :)

Sexy Peel Soap $5.40
The name is enough for me. Yum.

Karma Komba Solid Shampoo $9.25
I'm hesitant about a solid shampoo, but I'm also kind of excited to try it. The smell is really fresh and nice.

Sunnyside Bubble Bar $5.95
I have been wanting to try this foreverrr. It makes your bath look like liquid gold! How pretty pretty. I'm going to have to wait a bit longer though since I have no bath at school! :(

So basically, I got $41.30 worth of things...For. Free. No big deal. Yep. Just livin the life. I couldn't even wait to shower today, I think I used like every product. My whole room smells amazing just because my bag of goodies is in here.

I also got some things from Forever 21, but I might save those pretty items for another post since this is quite long. YUM LUSH I'm obsessed. And yes I'm staying in on a Saturday night to sleep and write this post. Wondaful.


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