Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I got Seniority wit da Sorority...

... so, that explains why I love college.

(I always loved that song.)

So anyway. In honor of my sorority sisters and I completing another year of formal recruitment, and subsequently regaining a grasp on our already plummeting grades, getting more than 5 hours of sleep a night, wearing shoes without a heel, and beginning to basically semi have our lives back, I thought it only appropriate to google image one simple term: "sorority girls." These are some of my findings.

Just hangin out with some of my friends...OMG it's so funny you happen to have a camera! POSE!

Hi Mom & Dad! Thanks for my $600 dues this semester! :)

When puckered, pouted lips just is not enough...find a willing sister!

This photo was entitled "Future sorority girls" on the same page of images as the three above. Thanks mom for your high hopes :)

All kidding aside, I do love our new "babies," as they are so affectionately called, pledging my sorority this semester. I will be a GRAND BIG this year, as my little Lisa will be taking a baby of her own. It's very exciting to see our hard work pay off.

Even more exciting was when I was in my Issues of Contempory Art class on Bid Night this past Monday. Outside of our class in the adjacent building, whole sororities were taking Bid Night photos and cheering their cute peppy cheers that I love myself. As I was paitently waiting in my lettered sorority shirt for my professor to dismiss the class so I could get to my own sorority's Bid Night, the quite outspoken Fine Arts major sitting behind me screamed, "God damn sororities shut the fuck up!" It was a nice touch to my evening.

All for now. Xo

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